About Raqs Razi


       Razi has been artistic from an early age with her abilities constantly evolving from singing, to musicianship, to dancing.  While looking for a fun form of fitness, Razi began to study Bellydance in 2001.  As she fell  in love with the dance and its music she studied with many great instructors all over the country and abroad and continues to seek instruction to enhance and refine her craft. Razi has performed in Florida and Georgia as a solo dancer and with troupes.


She currently dances in various restaurants and venues in the Atlanta metro area and has been known to put on dynamic shows making sure to share with the audience the fun and beauty of Bellydance along with the emotion presented in the music as she dances. A performance by Razi is an enjoyable event that is not to be missed!



  Razi was thrown into the world of Henna in 2009 and has loved every minute of it!!


She enjoys the entire henna process from learning the various regional styles, to making her own henna paste. She loves to share her knowledge, skill, and experience with as many people as she can. Learning from other skilled artist such as Scarlett Gardner (Savannah, GA) and Elizabeth Tong (Athens, GA), she continues to refine her art by attending various conventions and meet-ups. If you see her at an event near you, be sure to stop by and get your own henna experience!