Happy Birthday Razi!!

It's birthday time! That time of my life where I sit and reflect on what's happened in the current year: the good, the bad, the weird, and the ugly.  It's usually around this time where I realize how much (or little) I've done. Thankfully I can say that this past year bellydance/henna-wise has been pretty good to me:



-I've danced at a local Shisha bar here in Tallahassee for nearly a year! It's been a great dancing experience so far and I love getting people up to dance!


-Fire eating, fire Fan dancing and playing "The Flow Game". If you're a fire performer or flow artist I highly recommend it.


-Meeting and taking workshops with some of my favorite Bellydance inspirations


-Doing henna at one of the biggest Natural Hair shows in the southeast US. (can we say sensory overload??)


-My 1st professional photoshoot with the wonderful Ray Tarrant Photography


-Teaching beginner's Bellydance classes at a local women's fitness center!


-Dancing! Dancing! and more Dancing!


-A return trip to the Henna Intensive and Retreat carrying the woman who got me started in henna in tow


-Taught my 1st Bellydance workshop and danced at the HennaChai and Budokon retreat!!


-And to top it all off, I did my 1st international solo trip! (that's not Bellydance/Henna related but it's still all around awesome)


It took a lot of work, networking, good luck, and random acts of God to make it this far and it'll take more work, networking, support, blood, sweat, tears, good luck, and random acts of God to keep this momentum going.

I'm truly grateful for all of the support I received from family, friends, clients and colleagues. This journey was not an easy one but it has been fulfilling.  I consider this year a true birthday present and I hope the following year will be an even bigger birthday present and adventure overall that I can celebrate with everyone!! You only live once so you gotta make the best of it!


Thank you all!!


(Happy Birthday Razi!!)